Role: Head of Design

Brand Design. Product Design is a SaaS company providing Natural Language Processing (NLP) services in over 100 languages and dialects. As the Head of Design, I led the creation of the new brand identity and directed ongoing product development.

The NLP space is high-profile, high-value and driven by technological innovation. The influx of new businesses amplifies the potential of Language AI while intensifying competition. This dynamic environment necessitates compelling propositions and robust brand visibility.

Despite the industry’s innovative foundation, there is a noticeable tendency toward uninspiring, look-alike design, underscoring the need for increased brand differentiation.

NeuralSpace, at its seed investment stage, recognised this need. The existing brand identity was competant but required re-definition to align with the company’s evolving proposition and market stance.

Through stakeholder meetings and workshops, we gained insights that transcended technology and user base (mainly Middle East, Africa, and Asia), emphasising efficiencies, improved communications, and positive human outcomes. This led to a human-centric approach in envisioning the brand and its audience.

Our goal was to simplify a complex proposition, making it relatable and coherent, thereby unlocking business potential and directly communicating this to customers.

The result was a cohesive and scalable brand identity that energised stakeholders, boosted awareness and credibility, and transitioned NeuralSpace from startup to a recognised authority in the language AI sector.

Identity Notes


The NeuralSpace brand rests on three core pillars:

  • Technological
  • Human
  • Adaptive

These pillars blend technological advancement with human-centred outcomes and embrace change through enhanced adaptability.


The hexagonal logo symbolises a beehive, reflecting teamwork and cooperation. It also visually references the three pillars:

  • Technology: Circuitry
  • Human/Organic: Brain
  • Adaptive: A Rubik’s cube or puzzle box

It is the heart of the brand.


The NeuralSpace colour palette draws inspiration from African and Middle Eastern landscapes, incorporating earth, sand, and sea tones. Gradients of the night and morning sky, along with textures of sand and water, add personality and expression, creating a deeper connection with human experience.


Avoiding clichéd tech montages and contrived stock photos, the photographic approach is honest, authentic, and relatable, showcasing capabilities and conveying openness and modernity to customers.

Summary of Work and Responsibilities

  • Strategy & Positioning
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Team Management
  • Ongoing Product UX Development
  • Sales, Marketing, and Event Design

“The goal was to simplify a complex proposition, making it relatable and coherent. A human-centric approach in envisioning the brand and its audience.”